Met my new years resolution!

This year my new years resolution was to change one person’s life by helping them become vegan. But I had no idea it would be my best friend/ maid of honor Leah!


This is the brand new baby vegan on the right! We took this photo after our lunch at Wildcow.

This past weekend she came over to my place and hung out with me, my vegan fiancé, and his best friend who is also vegan. She was also telling me about her other vegan friend and I half jokingly asked her to join the club. She seemed on the fence but it is a big decision. I got a text today from her and she had made her decision.

I am extremely proud, because it is a big decision. A whole lifestyle change. It isn’t hard after some research and especially with a vegan guardian angel to help you out.

The last question I asked her was what her favorite non vegan things to eat were so I can go ahead and make her a list, thus making this change smoother.

Here are my suggestions:


These are a great substitute for gummy bears. They are also made with real fruit juice and without gelatin or artificial garbage. You can find these in health food stores, amazon, or their website. There are also more brands of vegan gummy bears.


These milkless chocolate bars are available on amazon and . I haven’t tried them yet because it is almost $20 for 6 bars on amazon. That’s just too many bars for me. Maybe we can go half/half on these


Since it is s’mores season I have to mention Dandies marshmallows. These are a great alternative and are about $5 per bag. They just need some dark chocolate and honey free graham crackers.


Although soy milk is fine too, there are many other vegan milks to explore. Leah asked me if their was a vegan chocolate milk, and here is my highest recommended one for her. Chocolate coconut milk is amazing. The slight coconut flavor a nice compliment to the chocolate flavor. They also make a chocolate cashew milk. Which I believe would be a bit creamier and great as well. Now I really need to go out and buy this!


So delicious cashew milk ice cream is hands down, the best vegan ice cream I have ever had! It is not only creamy, but holds up well in the fridge. I have noticed some of my vegan ice creams getting too hard or getting a freezer burn taste after a day or two in the freezer. But not this one. My favorite one is the chocolate covered cashew cluster with caramel flavor.



CHEEEZE! Both of these are great cheeses. I like blending them sometimes because follow your heart melts kind of fast and daiya melts kind of slow. But when blended it melts evenly for grilled cheeses and quesadillas. I also love to sprinkle it on oven baked black bean nachos.

That’s it for now. I hope this makes the change super delicious and easy for you Leah! I also hope it may inspire someone else.

Thank you for reading!

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