Going HCLF


   In order to gain inspiration for my blog, I started following vegan food instagram accounts. I was immediately drawn to the HCLF ones. For those who do not know, it stands for high carb low fat. All their bowls and fruit displays looked amazing! It looked much more appetizing than the vegan junk foods I have loved.

    I began researching HCLF, Raw till 4, and the 80/10/10 diet. There is so much information out there and I wanted to do it in the healthiest possible way. I saw where some people would eat 40 watery dates blended or 30 bananas a day. First off, I cannot afford to eat that many bananas. I can eat like 2 a day. Also dates aren’t cheap, I would probably cry if someone blended 40 dates I paid for. That is also insane to me. After much reading, I found a way to go raw till 4 that would notbreak my bank account.

  The past few days I have been making a smoothie every morning. It has 1-2 bananas, berries, cashew milk or almond milk, and either matcha or vegan vanilla protein powder.

For lunch I have a salad. I do use vinaigrette dressing and some gardein chicken. But it is mostly raw. The greens are always spinach and baby kale.

For snacks I have fruit. I also only drink water.

For dinner I have had fried rice with white button mushrooms, onions, corn, and peas. Only because its free at work. But on the days I don’t work, I won’t eat that.

Sometimes for dessert I will have 2 Endangered Species dark chocolate squares.

  It isn’t a perfect diet, but I am working on it.

Things I would like to slowly buy and add to my diet:

🍫Cacao powder
🍒Goji powder
🍇Acai smoothie packs
🌰Maca powder
🌳Spirulina powder

To buy all these at once would be really expensive. But the powders would last and I can try getting one of these big things once as week.

I can also keep my kitchen stocked with all these things once I get my grown up job in one year. It is really sad that my fantasy is a kitchen with fresh herbs growing and a cabinet full of superfood powders. Who am I? Whatever at least I will feel good and be healthy.

4 thoughts on “Going HCLF

  1. lmao! I laughed so hard! You’re not wrong about crying if someone blended 40 dates!!! I’m not sure what country you’re located in but food in Australia where I am is EXPEEEENSIIIIIVE. There are times when nobody can afford to eat one banana a week for years when major crops are wiped out. That’s a struggle I’m having, because I buy Amino Acids & Magnesium/Vit B powder to keep up with the nutrients my diet doesn’t cover, and I can’t afford them anymore. Not to mention food in general. FINALLY a food blog brave enough to say, actually we can’t all afford to eat like the people on instagram do 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I just have to be honest. I have seen so many peoples instagram with these giant whole foods hauls of what they eat in a week. Its just like dang you must have a good job or something. If I go there I get like 2 things.

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