Last night I watched Cowspiracy on Netflix. I am already vegan and don’t need to watch these films to reassure myself. I watch them so I can suggest them to others and also educate others who are curious about being vegan.

It was definitely worth it and held my attention. It is also better that An Inconvenient Truth, because it isn’t abusurdly long and actually addressed the main cause of environmental destruction. There were also a lot of info graphics in the film that I searched for online and will post here.


One of the first points the film made was that animal agriculture was responsible for more greenhouse gases than all transportation combined. Eating meat is not worth throwing this planet away for. Its also not worth it because it’s eating a sentient being. We have everything we need already in plant foods.


One burger patty from one little meal, wastes 660 gallons of water. And most people get double or triple burgers. Which means their meal wasted over 1000 gallons of water, which is more than showing for 2 months per patty.


Some people think that since vegans eat more plants, that they require more land for their food. Not really… we dont have our food filtered through massive animals.


If animals cruelty and the horrors of factory farming isn’t enough to convince someone to go vegan, maybe this is. Eating meat is bad for animals, the planet, and yourself.

I can also say that I am so much happier as a vegan, than I was when I ate animals products. I know I am doing all I can everyday for animals, people, and the planet. I feel emotionally fulfilled and feel like I have taken responsibility as a being on this planet. Also, vegan food is amazing!

Check it out! Cowspiracy is on Netflix for free now!

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