Three Ways Taiwan has Changed Me

  I have been in Taiwan for three months now and have noticed a lot of ways I have changed adjusting to life in this beautiful island. 

1. I am more independent.

  I can ride around my town in my bike where all of the signs are in Mandarin and not get lost. I pay attention to my surroundings and can find my way back. My first month here I got lost for three hours trying to go buy a blow dryer at a store that was 15 minutes away. I was crying and scared (I didn’t have a phone, only a hand drawn map). Fast forward, two weeks ago I used the subway in Taipei to get to the bus station. Then I was able to get home from the bus stop.

2. I am more grateful.

    In the United States life is very convenient. If I can just get a ride in a car or find a good pasta dish that reminds me of home, I am grateful. 

3. I am more conscientious of waste.

 In Taiwan the recycling truck comes right after the trash truck. It is much easier to recycle here and is part of the culture. I used to recycle if I had the option in the United States, but not at my house. It wasn’t as big of a priority as it should be. My husband and I recycle now and will bring this habit back with us. 

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